Why Filipinos must travel

Travelling to a new place is an adventure and provides you with tons of new experiences. You may discover a new fear swinging from the mountain top or find a new hobby like surfing in Baler Beach.

Knowledge is power. Becoming aware of our ancestors’ way of life during the Spanish era after you visit the Taal Heritage Town can make you more grounded and appreciate what you have right now.

Find new friends when travelling. It could be your friendly tour guide, or other 8D1D joiner sitting beside you during 2-day trip to Baguio or a local in La Union. It makes you feel good to know people with the same interests as you.

People need to take care of their mental health and escape from getting burnt out either from work, school or anything that stresses you out. Travelling takes you in a different world and makes you forget your worries even just for a while. Travelling is one of the best gifts to give yourself. Allow yourself to have fun and be pampered while on vacation. You deserve it after a hard day’s work.

8D1D Tours offers unique local Philippine tours for Filipinos and international tourists.

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