Top 5 best local Philippine tours near Manila

Vigan Tour

Sometimes we get burnt out from school, work or just life and we are craving for a quick getaway but you only have a limited time. 8D1D Tours is here to tell you where to go for a fantastic weekend adventure.


Tagaytay is always the top choice for Philippine tours if you ask anyone living in Manila, the city capital of the Philippines. This tourist spot sits on top of the hill where its windier and colder, and offers the view of the picturesque Taal lake that is totally social-media worthy.  Going here is very convenient as it is only 2 hours away from Manila and accessible on either private or public transportation.

Most famous spots here include Fantasy World, Sky Ranch, Gingerbread House and many more. Local and international tourists can enjoy a budget trip in Tagaytay for as low as Php 999.


Batangas is the nearest coastal area in Manila where you will find beautiful beaches for swimming or diving. Taal, which used to be the capital of Batangas, is filled with history. A number of ancestral houses built in the Spanish era are still standing here and gives you a glimpse of the Philippines’ history and heritage. Taal Heritage Town is truly a must have in a Batangas Tour.


Rizal is situated in the boundaries of Marikina and Pasig City. In a Rizal Day Tour, you can take a nature trip at Calinawan Cave, swim in Daranak or Batlag Falls, or go a short hike to see Pililia Windmills and much more.  At night, visit Antipolo, one of Rizal destinations, favored for its hillside restaurants and café’s overlooking the city.


Another tourist spot with cold weather is Baguio City which is situated on top of the mountains of Benguet. It is once a United States’ only hill station in Asia so its rich in contemporary architecture. A Baguio Tour Package is composed of trips going to the city attractions like The Mansion, Mines View Park etc but you can still commune with nature by visiting the Strawberry Farm, Botanical Garden. The Instagram-worthy Valley of Colors is like an artwork of colorful houses on the hillside and one of the newest attractions in our Baguio Tours.


Baler is another coastal area with pristine beaches for swimming and surfing. There are many resorts in Baler Beach or Sabang Surfing beach where you can book a room to stay over the weekend.  Our 2-Day tour includes a visit to Ditumabo Falls, Diguisit Rock Formations, Quezon Park, Museo de Baler and more.

Are you looking for Luzon tour packages? We offer the most affordable weekend budget tours in the Philippines for as low as Php 899 with 8 destinations in 1 day. Find out more about our unique local Philippine tours inclusive of roundtrip van transfer and friendly tourist guides.

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