Simple Tips in Travel Photography

Take better photos of your travel and keep the memories alive.

Good quality camera

If you want to get good images, your top priority is to invest on a high-quality camera. Depending on your budget, you can aim for the professional SLR camera or mobile phones with at least 8MP camera lenses. It would be heartbreaking to go home with blurry photos of yourself at Daranak Falls or at the majestic castle of the Fantasy World.

Find a good lighting

If you want to take photos of your friends with the Taal Lake on the background, make sure that the light is not behind them or else, their faces won’t be seen clearly on the photo, worst you’ll end up with dark faces.

Bring a tripod or a selfie stick

Are you always missing in the groufie because you are the best photographer amongst your friends? It’s time to buy a tripod so you are always included in group photos especially in the obligatory jump shot at the Pililla Windmills. Selfie sticks are best to use when you are on top of Parola Lighthouse or on the Bali swing at Villa Jovita.

Bring extra equipment

8D1D takes you to 8 destinations in 1 day, so bring extra chargers, extra memory card and waterproof bags to make sure you are fully equipped for the whole day and won’t miss recording fun memories. It is best to bring waterproof bags if you will take the Rizal Day Tour or Batangas – Tagaytay Tours which have swimming activities.

Join us in our Luzon tour packages and let our friendly tour guides take wonderful photos of you and your friends.

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